Gustav Szekely, Physical Chemist, B.A., M.A.(Columbia University) Dr.Phil.(University of Vienna), born in Vienna 19.IV.1922.

Chemical reaction rate measurements and Energy of Activation. Electrochemistry, Electrodeposition of Germanium, J.Electrochem. Soc.98, 318-24, 1951 U.S. Patent 2,690,422 and others. X-ray Crystallography and Structure Determination of Germanates with H. Nowotny, Monatshefte für Chemie, 83, 568-82, 1952. Radiochemistry, Activation Analysis, Analytical Chemistry, 26, 1500-2, 1954. Heterogeneous Gas Reaction, J. Electrochem. Soc.. 104, 663-7, 1957. Monograph on Germanium and Silicon, Modern Materials, 1, 273-305, Academic Press, New York 1958. Crystal Growth (Masers). Fluorescent Lamp Phosphors. Crystal Physics of Nucleic Acid Components, Mol. Cryst., 1974, 25, 253-258 and Zeitschrift für Kristallographie, 144, 1976, 102-109. Electronics, Oscillating Circuits. Programming Solutions to Mathematical Problems, Harmonic Analysis, Not Directly Integrable Functions. Projective Geometry, Spherical Trigonometry. Managing the art of
Trude Waehner, Otto Nowak, and Josef Frank.


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